Sunday, August 2, 2015

Baked Garlic Cheddar Turkey with Fried Quinoa

I think this recipe would have been appropriate for Thanksgiving. The turkey patties are perfectly cooked to make the Thanksgiving dinner turn special with friends and family singing praises of your culinary skill. However, since Thanksgiving is a few months away now, this can be cooked to make an ordinary day turn special. In case if turkey patties are not available, then chicken patties can be used too and if neither chicken patties nor turkey patties are available, then minced chicken can be used and molded into the shape of patties. 

Those who have not heard of quinoa before, allow me to give a short introduction of the same. Quinoa is essentially a pseudocereal known for its nutritious edible seeds. High in protein and low in gluten content, quinoa has an array of nutritious values. It is a rich source of dietary minerals and vitamins. Just like rice, it has a neutral taste and it goes well with Indian dishes. In the recipe below, I have cooked quinoa in the same fashion as poha. Personally, I have switched to quinoa in my quest for a substitute of rice. Unlike rice that causes water retention, the high potassium content in quinoa helps decrease water retention. Since I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy, I was desperate to get back into my pre-pregnancy body, but I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. I don't believe in starving myself to lose weight, so I brought some healthy changes to my food plan and shifting to quinoa is one of them.  Ever since I have imbibed quinoa in my diet, I have become one of its big proponents. 

Baked turkey patties and quinoa form a nice gourmet combination ideal for special occasions. Hope you and your loved one will enjoy it.