Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Aam Kheer - Kheer Mango

Just as I began to feel sad for missing yet another season of mangoes of Bengal cribbing about how the taste of mangoes available in Wal-Mart and Meyer were bland in taste, my husband brought home few Mexican mangoes one day. Now, I really didn't have any idea that Mexican breed of mangoes could be as sweet and ripe as those of Bengal. It was seriously a revelation. Sitting here in USA, if you could lay your tongue on some luscious super juicy mangoes, you would feel yourself to be in seventh heaven and that's exactly how was I like. I ate few of them raw and left the remaining ones to prepare my favorite mango dessert - Aam Kheer.
In the months of summer when the scorching weather outside leaves the mouth dry, one glass full of this kheer with lots of ripe mangoes in would take away every bit of parchedness the tortuous heat has caused.

ü  2 litres of milk

ü  Sugar, taste wise

ü  A pinch of saffron

ü  3 ripe mangoes

ü  Cashew nuts and dried cherries (for garnishing)

1) Heat milk and bring it to a boil. Then on low heat, cook the milk till it reduces to half in quantity.
2) Add sugar and a pinch of saffron. Keep heating the milk till sugar completely dissolves. Turn the heat off.
3) Bring milk to room temperature and refrigerate it for 6-8 hours.
4) Make a pulp out of two ripe mangoes and chop the remaining one into bite size pieces.
5) Stir the prepared mango pulp into the milk. Toss the chopped mango pieces into it.
6) Serve cold garnished with cashew nuts and dried cherries. Yumm.


  1. It tastes really good...recently I also made this ...I should try this version also...visit my space too

  2. @Amrita,....yup it tastes favorite