Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Egg Sandwich

Looks like dengue fever has hit Kolkata endemically with so many people I know reported to be suffering from the ailment, my own nephew among the many. Spread by mosquito bites during the late monsoon, I feel relieved of one thing after coming to US, the little monsters we know as 'mosquitoes'. It seems mosquitoes are nonentity here especially the part of US we reside in.

A recent article published on Times of India asserts the harmful effect of one mosquito coil being equivalent to smoking ten cigarettes. If this revelation carries an iota of truth, me and my hubby, though non-smokers have exposed us to the same extent of toxicity a chain smoker inhales every day, unknowingly for years during our stay in the city of joy. Not only us, I am sure, there are many who in order to enjoy a peaceful goodnight rest have mosquito repellants burning close by the bed side or beneath the bed throughout the night, worse in a closed room with doors and windows completely shut if the AC is turned on. I shudder to think what long term consequences are awaiting us in the coming days for so long as we stayed in Kolkata, we had the coil burning almost every day. No matter what you do, close the windows of your house before sunset or use a Bagon spray to get rid of the killer insects, you will find them humming around the bed after every light is turned off, so much as one single mosquito being enough to blow your cool keeping you restless through the night.


For many like my parents, net is a safe option to shield from the onslaught of mosquitoes, but the blood-sucking monsters get their way inside the net also as it did happen to me many a time when upon turning and tossing about my bed for several hours in a struggle to remain asleep ignoring the sting of the bites that finally, robbed of my sleep, I would forcefully get up from my bed in a fit of rage, switch on the light and set to a venture of killing the muggers.


Coming back to the recipe, sandwiches are my favourite, especially the ones requiring minimal preparation. The Egg Sandwich described below is one such darling that can be quickly put together and consumed in a hurry, provided you make the plan a little ahead and boil the eggs beforehand.

Ingredients :( for 6-7 sandwiches)                           Cooking time: 15 minutes
ü  4 eggs (hardboiled and grated)
ü  12-14 slices of white bread (crust removed)
ü  1 small onion (chopped)
ü  1 tomato (chopped)
ü  1 small size cucumber (chopped)
ü  Salt to taste
ü  Black pepper taste wise
ü  Mayonnaise, as per taste
ü  Butter, as per need
ü  5-6 lettuce leaves (blanched)
1) In a mixing bowl, put together grated eggs, onion, cucumber, tomato, salt and black pepper.
2) Pipe mayonnaise onto the mixture and combine well.
3) Lightly toast the bread on a non-stick skillet. Then spread butter on one side of the bread slices.
4) Place a lettuce leaf on the buttered side of the bread, topped with spoonful of egg mixture filling and wrap the sandwich with another slice. Off you go.

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