Saturday, April 6, 2013

Banana Blue Lagoon

The name 'Blue Lagoon' reminds me of the first adult film I had seen years ago starring Brooke Shields in her adolescence. It was a beautiful film, a mash up of love and innocence found in its pure form unalloyed by any external influence.

It was in a restaurant in Kolkata where I was taken by a pleasing sensation of epicurean delight at the very first sip of this aphrodisiac mocktail. On our return journey from Mahabaleshwar we came across a lush winery and vineyard in Panchgani where among a ceaseless selection of choice beverages and drinks, we picked up a bottle of concentrated blue lagoon specialty drink. It was very easy in preparation; one has to add measured cup of chilled water into 2 or 3 tsp blue lagoon essence and the drink would be game for serving.

Banana Blue Lagoon deviates a little from the regular blue lagoon in taste and flavor. Of course, as the very name suggests, it is a novel concoction of banana, coconut milk, lemon and soda with few cubes of ice adding to the savor, a perfect combination to win you praises.


Ingredients:                                                     Preparation time: 10 minutes

ü  5 ripe brown bananas

ü  Lemon juice extracted from one lemon

ü  2 cups of light coconut milk

ü  A pinch of edible blue color

ü  1 glass of soda (you may adjust the amount need wise)

ü  Sugar, craving wise


1) In a blender, blend together all the ingredients mentioned and serve chilled.

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