Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Orange Lassi

Summer has set in in Kolkata and my mother was telling me how last night she could not sleep due to the AC not working properly. In Kolkata summer is so terrible with temperature coupled with high humidity conspiring into making life a living hell. In the part of Kolkata my paternal house is located at frequent load shedding makes summer go beyond any tolerance level. There were many a sleepless nights I spent in darkness tossing and turning in my bed waiting for the power to come back, but in typical fashion power remained off for at least 3-4 hours before being restored. I think load shedding is a big problem in any part of India.

When I thought of powercut being worse in Kolkata, I didn't know of the picture in Bangalore where powercut occurs at intervals of every one or two hours with night load shedding being a common phenomenon. Load shedding in Bangalore was so frequent that within 2 months of our shifting there, the refrigerator along with its compressor gave in to the on and off powercut and voltage fluctuations, making the purchase of an inverter along with a slew of voltage stabilizers a mandatory option. Trust me when I say that due to not being able to sleep for two consecutive nights after a power cable went off in thunderstorm, me and my husband took shelter in a nearby hotel on the third day to have a goodnight's sleep.

Anyway, just in case if you suffer the same misfortune as mine in dealing with loadshedding on continuity basis and you need some power boost drink to keep your composure, here goes the orange lassi for you. It is refreshing and cold with each slug reviving the lost energy back. Kudos!!

Ingredients:                                               Preparation time: 10 minutes

ü  2 1/2 cups of plain yogurt, beaten

ü  5-6 oranges (I used a mixed batch 2 naval and 4 California mandarin oranges)

ü  Maple syrup, need wise (I used 1 cup)

ü  1 glass of water


1) Using a juice extractor, extract juice out of the oranges.

2) In a blender, put together freshly extracted orange juice, yogurt, maple syrup and water and blend into smooth frothy lassi.

3) Serve chilled.

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