Friday, February 24, 2012

Egg Prawn Fried Rice

Tomorrow is weekend and there is a forecast of heavy rain and snowfall tomorrow. This is what I don't particularly enjoy in USA - the weather during the winter. It's totally unpredictable. One moment you have the sun glaring at you and the next moment the temperature plummets to a dangerously low level with heavy rain followed by storm. The variation between temperatures is shocking. In the morning you may enjoy a sunny weather at 90 degree F and the same day in the evening, the temperature may drop down to 20 degree F. At that time only you realize the congeniality of our weather back in India. It remains same with no variation and does not pose a threat to our living. 

Unlike last year, this year snow has fallen less here. When we came here last year during March, the entire place was clad in snow with trees totally stripped naked of foliage, but this year snow is falling sporadically and that too mildly. Thankfully, the weather is not very windy this time, at least till now. Last time the gust of cold wind made me feel chilled to the bone once I stepped out. Specially in a desolate place like Maumee where we are now stationed, when the wind blows, miles and miles of land void of any solid structure to ward off the effect of the wind makes the air current all the more powerful, sometimes, leading to fatal or nearly fatal accidents when cars spun out of control under the force of heavy wind crash into each other.

Last night a group of Debu's buddies from office were invited to our room for dinner (yes, heard right, room in the Mariott Residence Inn for we are yet to shift to a house). I cooked butter chicken and the egg prawn fried rice. I will upload the recipe of butter chicken sometime soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the recipe of the egg prawn fried rice.

Ingredients:                                                 Cooking time: 20-30 minutes
ü  100 gm of prawns
ü  1-2 eggs, beaten
ü  1 medium sized green capsicum (chopped)
ü  1 medium sized onion (chopped)
ü  1/2 cup of green peas (boiled)
ü  50 ml of chicken stock
ü  1 tsp black pepper powder
ü  2 tbsp of soya sauce
ü  150 gm long grain rice (cooked)
ü  Salt to taste
ü  White oil for cooking
1) Heat oil in a flat bottomed pan. When oil turns hot, bung in the onion and capsicum. When they change color, add the green peas and prawns. Stir around.
2) When prawns become shallow fried, add salt and black pepper powder. Pour the stock in. Mix in properly and let the mixture bubble up a bit before adding the soya sauce.
3) Now add the beaten eggs and stir well. When eggs solidify, toss the rice in little by little to blend well into the mixture.
4) Check the seasoning one more time before turning the flame off.
5) Serve hot.

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  1. just ysday i had ..this post is making me mouthwatering again..thank u so much .. for sharing