Sunday, February 24, 2013

Banana Poke Cake Topped with Butterscotch Pudding and Whipped Cream

I was just about to fall from the chair laughing when one of my former students told me that she has changed the sweet name that her parents adoringly christened her with to something that she feels goes with her tomboyish 'personality', now that she has become a dancer in profession. When I joined their school as a teacher, I used to be pretty young myself, fresh passout with no job experience whatsoever. Tackling a class full of noisy teenagers was quite challenging for me. In the initial days of my joining there, the first batch I was made a class teacher of put me to the test of how well I deal with adolescent girls. Teenage girls (thankfully the school was not co-ed) gathered in groups could be quite intimidating for a young inexperienced teacher like me who herself was pretty student-like in behavior back then. They used to laugh behind my back (and fall silent when I would turn around), shower me with a barrage of excuses for not completing lessons, interrupt my speech at every five minutes asking for permission to go to the restroom and yes, the most daunting of all was after the test results were out and I needed to show them their answer papers, they would surround my table comparing each other's marks and asking me to explain the difference.
As I was not experienced, I didn't know how tactfully I should reveal the test results and how to quieten an unruly bunch of girls, which gradually with the help of my ex-colleagues I mastered in, but before that the best way I could think of grappling with the situation was to try being as stern as possible by maintaining a very no nonsense personality in class. Especially the very next year after my joining when I was made the class teacher of standard twelve, I practiced hard at home to wear a solemn face, one of gravity and seriousness, very much unlike me, to crack the whip.
Personally, I am pretty flamboyant and ever-smiling, one just needs to click the button and I am off to a bellyaching hysteria. So feigning a no nonsensical persona was not a cinch, but sometimes in order to do your job right you need to act otherwise going beyond your usual nature to achieve the result you desire and in my case it was commanding obedience that my no-nonsense personality drew from students who used to fall silent even seeing my shadow near their class and at the end, that's what I needed for managing a class filled with over 50-60 students. But it's funny albeit sweet to hear my ex-student telling me on FB, "Ma’am, truly the first time I saw you ever smiling is in your pics"....pretty amusing, ha!!
Back to the recipe, a poke cake is a cake with a lot of holes made into it by poking to act as pores to absorb the liquid mixture poured on top. To add a finale touch, the cake is crowned with whipped topping and further garnished with crushed wafers.

Ingredients:                                               Cooking time: 2 – 3 hrs
ü  Click the link for the recipe of Banana Cake (exclude the nuts if you want)
ü  Jello Butterscotch pudding mix (3 oz/85gm)
ü  1 cup of nilla wafers (crushed)
For whipped cream:
ü  1 cup of heavy whipping cream
ü  1 cup confectioners' sugar
ü  1 tsp vanilla extract
ü  A pinch of icing color (optional)
1) Firstly prepare the banana cake. Cool it down a bit. Then as is standard practice to make poke cakes, poke the cake with a thick stick or the bottom end of a spoon to make holes sparsely all across the cake.
2) Meanwhile, get the pudding ready by following the instructions written on Jello packet. (It takes about 10 minutes.)
3) Pour the pudding on top of the banana cake spreading evenly with a spatula making sure that pudding oozes into the holes.
4) Refrigerate the cake for an hour to let the pudding set.
5) In the meantime, you may prepare the whipped cream by stirring all the ingredients for whipped cream together till cream thickens for 10-15 minutes. (To get the best result, put both the container used for whipping the cream and the beater tool inside the freezer for half an hour before using.)
6) When whipped cream is ready, take the cake out of the refrigerator and spread the cream across the top of the cake uniformly, smoothing the surface. Scatter the crushed nilla wafer on top and cut the cake into desired shape or size and serve.
7) Refrigerate the cake and warm it in microwave for 10 seconds before serving.


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