Thursday, October 6, 2011


It's been about 4 years of my marriage and I must confess that prior to my wedding, I hardly ever went into kitchen to try my hand preparing a dish. Infact soon after my marriage I found myself amidst a huge problem when waking up in the morning I had to decide on the menu to be prepared at breakfast, lunch or dinner cause at that time apart from Maggie I didnt know a crumb about cooking. But as they say, marriage teaches you many things and beforelong, marriage obliged me to learn one thing: Cooking, albeit I must say my husband is really accomodating by nature. He never complained or cribbed about what being served on his plate and in the initial days of our marriage, my prepared dishes were not quite tasteworthy but his face never contorted in despise or he never seemed put off by the bland taste of the meals.Since we both were foody and since my mom was an excellent cook, I kept tryin till I became content with the outcome and now when I am on the brink of celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary, I feel quite sated for being able to conjure up some delicious dishes that my family likes. I would love to share the recipes in my blog. Please keep on reading !

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