Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Garlic Nimki

Garlic Nimki is an interesting variation of nimkis and garlic being the base ingredient, it has a health value. From time immemorial garlic has been used as an effective antidote to a number of ailments including asthma, digestive disorder, diphtheria, whopping cough, high blood pressure, skin disorder and rheumatism. Naturally, inclusion of garlic in one's daily diet keeps one in good health.

In addition to being healthy, garlic nimki is also a very tasty affair. Preparing it in spadesful I think every time to have it last at least for few days, but it takes merely few minutes for my hubby to clean it all out.

Ingredient:                                            Cooking time: 40 minutes approx.
ü  250 gm all-purpose flour
ü  1 1/2 tsp baking powder
ü  a pinch of cooking soda
ü  1 tbsp roasted ajwain
ü  1 tsp nigella seeds or kalo jeera
ü  1 tsp paprika or red chilli powder
ü  2 tsp garlic paste
ü  Salt to taste
ü  1 tsp green chilli paste
ü  3 tbsp lemon juice
ü  White oil for frying
1) Mix together all the ingredients above with 3/4 cup of oil (75 gm) and use water to form soft dough.
2) Make 5 balls out of the dough as shown in the pic below:

3) Apply a bit of oil while rolling each of these balls into a round pancake like shape.

4) Swipe a knife across the pancake to cut square shapes as shown in the pic below:

5) Deep fry the square shapes in smoking hot oil and your nimki is ready.
6) Store them in an airtight jar so that the nimkis remain crispy for long.


  1. Awesome recipe…truly Delicious..Bookmarked


  2. awesome nimkis.... and with garlic even great taste

  3. mouthwatering crispy nimkis ..good one