Sunday, January 13, 2013

Corn Sandwich

Days when I don't feel like cooking anything with elaborate preparation, I stick to making sandwiches, which are simple and less time consuming. One such sandwich is Corn Sandwich. It's one of my favorites, not because it tastes yummy but because of the time it takes. There was a time in Bangalore when we used to be in lot of rush in the morning due to both of us going to office, quite opposite to our present situation when I am sitting at home fulltime and cooking this and that delectable for hubby. Those were the days when getting a decent meal were enough for us, forget anything fancy. Anyway, so Corn Sandwich was one of the items regular on our menu for breakfast before running for office. This recipe is to help all the busy bees searching for some quick breakfasts during rush hour. Happy eating !!

Ingredients :( 4 sandwiches)                                     Cooking time: 10 minutes
ü  8 slices of white bread
ü  1/2 cup sweet corn kernels
ü  1 small size capsicum (finely chopped)
ü  1 tomato (finely chopped)
ü  Black pepper, taste wise
ü  Salt to taste
ü  Chat masala, taste wise
ü  2 tbsp Mayonnaise
ü  1/2 cup hung curd
ü  Butter as per need for spreading
ü  4 lettuce leaves (blanched)
1) In a mixing bowl, toss corn, capsicum and tomato together. Mix in hung curd, mayonnaise, salt and black pepper.
2) Spread butter on the breads. Place a lettuce leaf on the base topped with spoonful of the corn mixture. Sprinkle a bit of chat masala on top. Cover with a slice.
3) Cut the sandwiches in halves and serve.

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