Thursday, January 3, 2013

Strawberry Blush

I went to the supermarket last weekend and noticed a carton of plump strawberries in the counter
 which were delicious to look at. Unable to hold myself, I grabbed them and headed home. Now a
carton holds at least 20-24 strawberries, half of which went into making Strawberry Cheesecake
 leaving me to worry about the usage of the remaining half. Then I got an idea to make Strawberry

Whenever there is a leftover of fruits like apple, guava, mango and even grapes, I usually blend
them with cold milk and a dash of ice cream and drink them down with pleasure. This way,
nothing goes waste and the shake tastes yummy too. I hate wasting food and it repels me to see

 someone tossing away eatables into the dustbin. My husband is into the habit of throwing

vegetables or meat, in perfectly good state, into the garbage bin saying they are stale, a habit which

 irritates me most about him among others, but some people are incorrigible and I have given up
trying to make him mend his ways.

Anyway, Strawberry Blush can go very well on breakfast. The bubbly mixture of ice-cream
and milk blending with strawberries creates a wonderful delight loved by all, adults and children
both. I can gulp down two glasses at once.

Ingredients :( for 3 tall glasses)                               Cooking time: 10 minutes
ü  10-12 strawberries
ü  4 tbsp sugar
ü  2 tsp lime juice
ü  3 cups of cold milk (720 ml)
ü  4 scoops of vanilla ice-cream
1) In a mixer grinder, blend strawberry, sugar and lemon juice together into a mixture of smooth consistency. (No need to add extra water as strawberries will release enough juice.)
2) Pour the strawberry mixture into the serving glasses. Now using an electric beater, beat cold milk and ice-cream together till consistency. Pour the ice-cream milk mixture into the serving glasses on top of the strawberry mixture. (Don't stir.)
3) You may toss some ice chips or crushed ice into the drink if you like it chilled.

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