Friday, November 25, 2011

Choco Balls

Tomorrow we are going for a trip to Yercaud, 230 kilometres away from Bangalore with a group of friends. Yercaud is a small lovely hill station in Tamilnadu, mostly unexplored. Often referred to as 'the small Ooty" for its idyllic natural beauty, it is fast becoming a popular tourist destination among weekend revellers. With breath-taking view of falls and scenic lakes, it is a pleasant getaway from the maddening rush of Bangalore. Because of the lack of good eateries along the way, it is advisable to carry some snacks and sweets during the journey. As my hubby does the hard work of a driver by concentrating on driving, I busy myself munching all kinds of chips available in the market, thereby happily adding calories to my already bulging body.

This time I thought of packing a box of homemade goodies on our journey instead of finishing off a carton of potato chips. As my hubby is fond of chocolates, I prepared some Choco balls, which are yummy and instant energy boosters :D

Ingredients:                                  Cooking time: 30 minutes
200 gm thin arrowroot biscuits
80 gm butter
100 gm condensed milk
3 tsp cocoa powder
Chocolate chips according to need
Cashew nuts for garnishing

1)  Grind the biscuits into powder. In a bowl, mix in all the ingredients together except cashew nuts and chocolate chips.
2) Mix well with a spatula till no speck of biscuit powder remains in sight. It will look very sticky as shown in the pic below. Grease your palms with a bit of butter and make some round balls from the dough. (I made around 25.)

3) In a plate, scatter the chocolate chips and roll the balls over them till they form a coat around the balls. Garnish with cashew nuts.
4) You can refrigerate the Choco balls for over a month.

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