Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Really busy for last couple of days weaving a bracelet that involves an intricate beading pattern, but the only consolation making up for the painful effort is the outcome. It simply turned out brilliant.

One reason that motivates me to prepare Sweet & Sour chicken at home besides my fondness for the dish, is that my husband who, otherwise is not so fond of fruits, hardly brings pineapples home. Atleast at the pretext of cooking this excellent Chinese cuisine, I can get to eat mouthful of those succulent bits of pineapples.


1 kg boneless chicken

1 onion (Cut into four parts from the centre and remove the layers)

1 red bell pepper (chopped)

1 yellow bell pepper (chopped)

1 carrot (chopped)

1-2 eggs

1 tsp ginger paste

1 tsp garlic paste

6-7 small pieces of pineapple

1 tbs black pepper

2 tbs cornflour

salt to taste

White oil for cooking

For sweet & sour sauce:

1/2 cup pineapple juice

1 cup water

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup vinegar

3 tbs lemon juice

2 tbs cornflour


1) In a non-sticky skillet pour water and pineapple juice and bring it to a boil on low flame. Then add sugar. When sugar dissolves, add vinegar and lemon juice. Stir continuously. In a separate bowl, mix in cornflour with 1/2 cup of water and add this into the skillet. Stir & cook till the sauce turns thick in consistency. Please make sure that cornflour doesnot form lumps.

2) In a bowl marinate the chicken with 2 tbs of cornflour, black pepper, eggs and salt. Shallow fry the chicken pieces on medium heat. Keep aside.

3) Heat oil in a flat bottomed pan. Add carrot. Fry it lightly. Then add onions and bell peppers. Fry till onions become translucent. Add ginger & garlic paste. Saute for 1 minute.

4) Add the sauce and cook covered on low flame till vegetables turn tender. Add water if required.

5) Add the fried chicken & pineapple chunks. Cook covered on low flame till chicken is cooked through. If required, you may drizzle hot water. Oh, dont forget to add salt please.

6) Serve hot with rice or noodles.

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