Thursday, December 29, 2011

Badshahi Mochar Dalna - Royal Banana Flower Curry

This Badshahi Mochar Dalna is truly royal in its taste and flavour. I learnt this recipe from a cookery show telecast on a Bengali Channel. The only difference that I have added from my part is the way I have prepared the mocha patties. Except that, everything else remained same. I must say this is one of the best Mochar Dalnas I ever had in my life.

Before sharing the recipe, let me touch upon some of the benefits of eating banana flower.

1. Besides being rich in unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fibres, banana flowers are also a good source of vitamin E and flavonoids.

2. Banana flowers help in reducing blood sugar level, if taken daily.

3. Cooked banana flowers consumed with yogurt is an effective means to cure heavy bleeding during menstruation.

For more information on the values of banana flower, visit the following link:

Ingredients:                                                      Cooking time: 1 hour approx.

ü  250 gm of mocha/banana flower

ü  1 large potato (boiled and mashed)

ü  4-5 tbsp gram flour

ü  2-3 tbsp rice flour

ü  1 cup of coconut, grated

ü  20 gm of gobindo bhog rice

ü  2 medium tomatoes (chopped)

ü  1 cup peas (parboiled)

ü  4 tsp of poppy paste

ü  2 tsp ginger paste

ü  5-6 green chillies (chopped)

ü  1 tsp red chilli powder

ü  1 tsp turmeric powder

ü  1 tsp cumin powder

ü  3 tsp sugar

ü  Salt to taste

ü  a pinch of garam masala powder

ü  Coriander leaves (for garnishing)

ü  1 tsp ghee

ü  White oil for cooking

For saute:

ü  1 tsp cumin seeds

ü  2 bay leaves


1) Firstly boil the banana flowers for 10 minutes. Drain the water & remove the pistils.

2)  In a mixing bowl, mix in the following ingredients - banana flowers, mashed potato, salt, gram flour, rice flour and green chillies. Make small balls and flatten them into round patties keeping between your palms. See the pic below for reference:

3) Deep fry the patties.

4) Heat oil in a wok. When oil turns piping hot, add the ingredients for sauté and wait for them to sputter.

5) Add tomatoes and peas. Cook for 3 minutes till tomatoes soften.

6) Add salt and sugar. Further add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, ginger paste, cumin powder, poppy paste and grated coconuts. Mix in.

7) Meanwhile, in a skillet, shallow fry the gobindobhog rice in 1 tsp of ghee.

8) Pour this rice into the curry being cooked. Cook covered on medium flame till rice is cooked through. If the curry becomes dry, add water in good measure. (Please note that the banana flower patties absorb water and hence, the gravy would gradually reduce in quantity.)

9) When rice is cooked through, slide in the banana flower patties and sprinkle garam masala powder on top.

10) Garnish with coriander leaves.

11. Badshahi Mochar Dalna is now ready for serving.


  1. awesome recipe dear.....wishing u n ur family a very happy new year :-)

  2. wishing u n ur family a very happy new year :-)